Friday, February 11, 2011

Tips For Fast Weight Gain | Safe Healthy Muscle Gain

Fast Weight Gain Tips
You Think: Weight Gain is Easy
Fact : Weight Gain is not "Easy" as it may seem.

Before you get on with this Weight Gain post, make sure that you are actually Underweight (according to your height). Check your BMI (Body Mass Index) to confirm this. BMI result suggests whether you are a healthy weight for your height and sex.

Tips For Quick Weight Gain

If you wish to gain weight, whether little or more, then Eating properly should be your priority. It is the best and foremost thing to do if you really need to put on weight and muscle.

Simple Fact: You must get more calories for your body than the amount of calories you burn.

But eating nonsense (Junk) will not help you, you need to eat more but at the same time you need to eat healthy. By doing this you will get some extra fats and calories for your body. For that you need to have nutritious and healthy food i.e. food which includes your weight gain diet which will help you gain mass, not bad fats.

Caution: Enhance your diet pattern gradually & work consistently to make your weight gain fast and Safe.

  • You can have 6 meals a day and this is the perfect step to startwith. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, will be the major meals and three other small meals that you can have in the regular intervals throughout the day.

  • Add steak, chicken, fruit, milk, vegetables, cheese and assorted types of nuts in your food. Do eat fruits everyday and 4 glass of milk. You should go for low fat milk which is full proteins. An apple and a hand of peanut will give you lots of advantage.

  • Raise the caloric value of your meals by adding powdered milk to casseroles. Do have some avocados and olives and wheat germ to your cereal, and consume chopped meat.
    • Don’t skip your meals. To gain weight you should have your proper and regular meals which include every necessary element.
      •  Increase your diet like add a bowl of rice in your meal or increase the quantity of cereal that you are consuming.
      •  Consume corn as it is the higher source in calories and helps you put gain some lean mass.  

      •  Jog everyday which will organize and balance your fats and calories that you are consuming and have a good body in shape.
      • Talk to a Counsellor or Dietician. A professional help will be very helpful and effective.

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      1. wow! it's really great tips on how to gain weight.

      2. sir i m 19 yrs old girl my weight is 30 k.g.sir please suggest me how can i gain my weight?

      3. A good nutrition must be combined with proper exercise and adequate rest.

      4. I am skinny for my size. Don't get me wrong I eat a lot and I mean a LOT and I still don't gain weight. I guess it's just the metabolism of my body.